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Unit Technology Laser Monitoring and Control

The main research and development content of the centralized control system is: the development of energy terminal control system; the new high power laser parameter acquisition and storage; remote control management of the synchronization unit, the remote modification of the synchronization parameters and the synchronization parameter storage for each experiment; the management information system The expansion of the database system design; in the improvement of the sub-system terminal control software on the basis of the development of central control software system.Integrated device centralized control system design goal is to achieve a high degree of automation device management, management of electronic, all-round to improve the efficiency and level of operation of the device to better serve customers in the physical experiment needs.

The key technology of the front end is solved, and the system integration and assembly of the laser gyro is not easy. Laser gyro is a very precise optical device. When the system is integrated, the gyro light path adjustment, that is, tuning cavity, is the key. The tone is not correct, determines the final production of laser gyro performance is qualified, can become a boutique?. In the violet laser pointer spot drift problems continue to capture, adjusting optical path changes after the team developed a cavity machine can be controlled accurately, taken from the chamber to manually adjust the key technology of cavity adjustment step, but also to fill the gaps without laser gyro cavity adjustment machine.

In 1960, the United States launched the world's first laser, and started the development of laser gyroscope. With the traditional gyro ratio, the laser gyroscope has the advantages of large dynamic range, high precision, instantaneous start, excellent scale factor, strong environmental resistance, high reliability, long life, direct digital output and so on. It is the weapon, With rapid response capability, strengthen the ability to penetrate the key support technology. To carry out burning laser gyroscope and its application system research, the development of new weapons and equipment and the existing weapons and equipment quality improvement, enhance the combat effectiveness of the troops, its strategic significance is self-evident.

The application of this solution can greatly simplify the structure of the system, reduce the number of interface components, to overcome the host computer and industrial controller, between continuous control and logic control, between the concentration and dispersion of the boundaries. Laser parameter measurement technology With the generation of high-power laser device development, as a laser important unit technology green laser pointer monitoring and control has also been rapid development. At the same time, the fully integrated automation solution can provide a unified technical environment for all automation applications, including: unified data processing, unified communication, unified configuration and programming software and software quality control. Will eventually through several operators in the total control room command control system to achieve the normal operation of the entire device.

Optical path automatic collimation system is an indispensable part of all large laser devices. The automatic alignment of the optical path of the laser beam is an important part of the operation of any laser pointer device that must be operated before the shooting experiment. Laser device for optical path automatic alignment of the system design requirements include adjustment accuracy and adjustment time of the index requirements. The accuracy of the adjustment includes the angle of the far field of the beam, the accuracy of the angle adjustment, the center shift adjustment precision of the beam near the beam, the translational precision, the rotation accuracy of the beam near-field rotation adjustment accuracy.




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